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How to find roots of a polynomial

Finding the root of a polynomial can be done by first factoring it, then simplifying and applying the zero product rule.

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Roots of Polynomials

Once all of this has been completed, identifying the root of the polynomial is as simple as applying the zero product rule; that is, if two terms equal zero, then each term must also equal zero individually.
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How to Find the Roots of a Polynomial

Simplifying further helps organize the equation and makes it easier to identify how to arrive at the solution.

How to find roots of a polynomial

With this method, any individual with an understanding of basic algebra can find the root of any polynomial.

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Complex Roots of a Polynomial – Examples and Practice Problems

Factoring a polynomial involves breaking it down into its component pieces, which can then be put to use in solving any equations involving them.

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How to find roots of polynomial in Python

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